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Pressure and Safety Relief Valves

It’s our technology, training and deeper understanding of plant management which will help you find performance bottlenecks and ultimately more holistic solutions for a more efficient and reliable operation.

Backed by the leading manufacturer in the industry, Emerson, our brand agnostic service capability is driven with the proven process and training methods used by the original manufacturer to deliver a more consistent level of service with fewer deviations.

Our technology takes the guesswork out of valve repair. Our AccuTEST Lift Assist Devices and Ventil PRV Test Benches provide the most consistent and accurate test processes in the industry. This higher degree of accuracy means more reliable equipment, fewer unplanned outages and a more efficient operation.

PRV Certified Assembler

As a PRV Certified Assembler, the team at NYNE can do more than just repair valves but are actually capable of building valves that your facility needs. As an Emerson Impact Partner, we are equipped to provide a wide range of parts that allows us to serve you best.

National Board – Certified Pressure Relief and Safety Valve Testing

Our National Board-Certified testing facility in (insert location/s here) and our mobile unit gives you the support you need in order to ensure that your pressure relief and safety valves are operational and compliant. NYNE Mechanical is certified by the National Board to repair, set, and test pressure relief and safety valves.

Promoting a Culture of Safety and Accountability

Our entire team is fully equipped to promote a culture of safety. We do this by adhering to strict training protocols and adapting to a culture of accountability. Technicians are trained to manufacturer specifications long before they arrive at your plant.

Our talent acquisition program targets the technicians who can think beyond a valve repair to find deeper core issues affecting the performance or your plant and are put through a thorough training process to ensure consistency in repair standards.

At NYNE Mechanical, we do more than just repair valves, we get to the root cause of the issue to ensure that your plant is running efficiently and effectively. Know more about our team, our processes, and our certifications by clicking here.


Asset Management Tags


  • Ensure safety in your plants with our Asset Management Tags. Our tags are safe devices powered by the latest in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that enables digital identification and tracking of plant equipment.

Always Local with Our Mobile Unit

  • NYNE’s Mobile Unit is equipped with everything a plant needs in order to diagnose and repair problems in real time on-site. Our Mobile Units have state of the art technology to diagnose and repair most valves; reducing the need to take valves offsite which will improve repair speed and reduce outage turnaround times.

State of the art steam facility

  • We utilize the largest steam testing facility in the world.

Lift Assist Device

  • We help you achieve consistent performance and produce reliable results with our most advanced system technology.

This technology results in the following:

  • Reduces downtime. No need to place the plant off-line to remove the valve and send to an outside testing facility.
  • Reduces loss of revenue by preventing the risk of safety valve damage during transportation for testing.
  • Complete data management system.

Safety Relief Valve Repair & New Assemblies

  • ASME Section VIII V/R Shop Repair.
  • ASME Section I Shop Repair and Test Only Recertification.
  • ASME Section I Field Service Testing using our AccuTEST Assist Device.
  • ASME Assembler– New Anderson Greenwood & Crosby Valves made to your specifications.
  • Mobile Field Service Trailer allowing ASME Section VIII testing in the field.
  • Safety Relief Valve Asset Optimization Programs.
  • Asset Tagging.
  • Wireless Monitoring of Safety Relief Valves.

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