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MOV Diagnostics and Preventive Maintenance

We Tackle the Root Cause and Not Just the Effect

It is our training, process, and technology that sets a new standard for quality in valve repair. We identify and solve issues before failure through our comprehensive MOV Diagnostics and Preventive Maintenance Program.

Equipped with an experienced team of experts and the latest technology, we achieve the following for you:

  • Reliable and predictable valve performance
  • Preventative maintenance schedule
  • Detailed preventative maintenance and repair plans
  • Improved plant efficiency
  • Lower repair costs
  • Early identification of degraded components

We do this through:

Tracking and Trending
  • Using the data we collect from diagnostic results and repair reports that are inputted into our central database, we are able to track trend degradation of MOV assets for both mechanical and electrical components.
  • Examples: Stem Nut Wear, Stroke Time, Torque Switch, and AMP Valves
Optimal Valve Configuration and Calibration
  • This allows MOVs to operate more efficiently and contributes positively to overall plant performance.
Comprehensive Data Reporting
  • The data we collect predicts what what works need to be done

Faster is Better ONLY When It Takes You To The Desired Outcome

Equipped with the latest in diagnostic and repair technology and a reliable team of experts, we can identify core issues and solve them faster than ever before.

Our team gives quick solutions for the following common maintenance problems:

  • Stem nut failures due to wear
  • Bent valve stem
  • Sheared keys in valve couplings
  • Motors going out
  • Contractors welding shut
  • Valve guide wear
  • Seat damage
  • Ball galling
  • Internal bearing / gear damage in actuator or gearbox

Taking You From Reactive to Performance Maintenance

Wherever you are on the performance maintenance journey, we provide the support you need through our NYNE Sure Service Program.

What is the NYNE Sure Service Program?

It’s a Reliability Centered Maintenance Program that continually progresses you towards performance maintenance with the following:

  • Core Support
  • Preventative Services
  • Predictive & Managed Services

We use instrumentation, digital tools, and an experienced team to measure and monitor valve condition. Our team mitigates and prevents failures through plotting and trending mechanical wear, instrument degradation and electric degradation which assists our customer with data driven decisions that impact plant availability and run time.

Our Process:

  • Evaluate 6 to 8 actuators per day
  • Check gaskets and seals for grease or oil leak
  • Check torque switch continuity
  • Check ohms and amp draw on motor when stroking the valve
  • Check all wiring and program settings
  • Download data if available (depends on the actuator)
  • Log all data like stroke time, motor size, type of actuator manufacturer, size of actuator, what Integral controls the actuator has (4 to 20 MOD or 4 to 20 output)
  • Make sure everything runs correctly no unusual sounds
  • Have a report for all actuator that are checked

Actuators We Repair

  • We repair all types of actuators with expertise in Limitorque, Rotork Bettis, EIM, Rexa, Auma, Biffi, and all other brands of electric actuators.

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