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We don’t manage problems, we solve them.

NYNE’s foundation is built upon its team of engineers and technicians who are well known throughout the industry as leaders in their field and backed by the highest quality Emerson brands.

It’s this talent, experience, and deeper understanding of plant management that delivers more comprehensive, longer-term solutions that save you time, money, and internal resources.

Hiring process

We are hiring the best and brightest in the industry. We are always looking for those who can think beyond the immediate effect of a valve failure to get to the core issue.


There are no shortcuts when it comes to the proper training of staff. We’ve been training and certifying the industry for decades in valve repair. Our training process combines best practices and certifications with your specific on-site safety programs to ensure safe operation in both on and off site applications.

Repair to Manufacturer Specifications

While representing Emerson brands, we are held to a much higher standard when it comes to valve repair. We utilize the manufacturers procedures to ensure our customer’s assets meet or exceed the tolerances during our repair process.

Emerson Impact Partner Network

The Auburn, MA location is the latest and 168th service center within the broader Emerson Impact Partner Network in North America.

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