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Turnkey Actuator Repair Services

Ensure quality and reliability for your valves and actuators and repair them to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications

Full Service Valve and Actuator Solutions

Eliminate the need for separate services that keep your valves and actuators in top working condition with a team that has the expertise, experience, and deep understanding of plant operations and valve and actuator assemblies. Keep costs low, mitigate safety risks, and reduce unplanned outages with ONE simple and consistent solution.

Address valve issues that lead to actuator problems and application failure

Our team of certified engineers and technicians specialize in identifying and troubleshooting valve and actuator issues at their root cause. We use the latest in diagnostic and repair technology to pinpoint the problem and resolve it to provide you with reliable, efficient, and long-term solutions.

As part of the Emerson Impact Partner Network, NYNE is capable of caring for every aspect for your valve and actuator lifecycle, from proper planning and installation to maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Avoid unplanned outages and safety risks brought on by valve and actuator failure

  • Choose comprehensive, value-added maintenance services that increase reliability and improve performance and productivity
  • Partner with knowledgeable experts for your immediate valve and actuator needs and achieve operational excellence for your plant operations
  • Immediately address issues on-location, or receive service at our complete in-house shop and facilities
  • Optimize your process with our extensive offering of equipment and products from leading manufacturers

Our Services

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Contamination, corrosion, and rust repair
  • Inspection and rewiring of electrical components
  • Actuator and gearbox lubrication
  • Disassembly, chemical cleaning, media blast, and inspection
  • Assembly with new grease and seals
  • Limit and torque switch refurbishment
  • Replacement as necessary
  • Machine new stem nuts
  • Manufacture and install mounting plates
  • Test run for operational verification
  • Painting and detail
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Complete photo documentation and condition grading
  • Database, motor data, asset history, and summary reporting
  • Maintenance scheduling

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