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Expansive Product & Service Offerings for Industrial and Life Science Customers Across the Northeast

Today New England Controls, Inc. (“NECI”) and Northeast Controls, Inc. (“NCI”) announced an agreement to merge their two companies. NECI and NCI are Emerson Impact Partners serving customers in New England and upstate New York.

The combined entity will do business as NECI and bring the broad service offerings NECI has built over the last twenty years to the New York market, allowing plant owners to improve efficiencies, increase throughput, reduce operating costs and extract more value from their plant investment.

“Our two businesses have operated for decades in adjacent geographic markets selling the same kind of engineered products and services to our customers, in many cases the same customers,” said Tom Ramundo, NECI’s President. “David Rizzo and Dan Shea have built a tremendous business over many years and by serving the needs of their customers, have a very high repeat business. The merger will allow for additional investment in continuing to meet customers’ needs for many years to come. I could not imagine two companies that fit together better than NECI and NCI.”

The merged entity will have:

  • Nearly 400 employees, the majority of which are degreed engineers
  • Expansion in all functions including Sales, Engineering Services, Digital Enablement and Support
  • Ten locations and more than 130,000 square feet of strategically located office and warehouse space
  • Expanded inventory capabilities throughout the region

“I am thrilled to be joining NECI and continuing to build on what David and I have been working on at Northeast Controls for more than a decade,” said Dan Shea, who will be Vice President & General Manager, NECI New York. “The financial strength, service capability, increased inventory capacity, warehouse space and technical expertise of the combined entity will supercharge the very solid NCI pre-merger business. Our 50+ NCI employees will become employee-owners of NECI under their Employee Stock Ownership Plan and our customers will be better served by a larger, stronger partner… A true win-win all the way around.”

About NECI. NECI solves process, automation, and digital integration challenges in therapeutics, energy and manufacturing with a broad portfolio of product, project, and service capabilities. Our industry experts excel at collaborating with clients across the complex interplay of people, processes, devices, and technologies to deliver physical and digital solutions that secure assets, improve efficiency, and optimize resources.
With decades of experience in the industries we serve, we find new ways to push the limits of what our clients see as possible through a deep understanding of business objectives and an innovative approach. Whether the goal is improved reliability, more efficient energy use, increased production or enhanced safety, our team offers the experience, skills and drive needed to maximize results.