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Two recognized leaders in the field of valve repair

NYNE Mechanical announced today the addition of Dave Thibault and Norm Ducharme to the team. Both have decades of experience and are highly recognized in the industry.

From the moment you see the duo together, you instantly witness their rapport which is based on a decades-long relationship that started when Norm’s dad, also a respected figure in the industry, asked Dave to train his son when he first entered the industry in the late 70s.

Since then, the two have worked together for various industries and have adapted the same methodology of looking at valve repair from a strategic point of view rather than a tactical one, a philosophy they wish to embody in NYNE Mechanical. As Dave notes, “We want to develop a culture of deep thinkers. More than just turning wrenches, our goal is for each member of our team to approach each repair with a long term analysis of each application with an intention to find the core issue and provide greater reliability, reduced costs, and an overall greater value to the client base.”


Getting to know Dave Thibault

A thought leader in his field, Dave is bringing in over 40 years of global experience in the valve industry. Throughout his career, he has led companies such as Crosby Valve & Gage Company, Tyco International, and Pentair Valves and Control in essential areas such as Engineering, Marketing, and Sales Management. He also had a hand in engineering some of the most sophisticated power plants in the country.

Equipped with both a Master’s in Business Administration as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Dave brings a holistic business perspective to the NYNE Mechanical family. His goal for NYNE is to build a culture and facility that increases the overall value proposition for NYNE’s client base. He aims to do this by placing greater emphasis on developing processes that best compliments NYNE’s state of the art technology and methodology to find root causes of failures.

For Dave, it all begins by bringing a fresh perspective to current processes in place, “We’re always looking at how we can improve how we get things done in order to assure that we are doing more than just meeting standard requirements. We want to reduce potential risks for our clients by providing efficient and reliable ways of doing things while also aiming to reduce costs.”

Dave also envisions bringing a more strategic approach to valve repair, “The goal is for our clients to have an increased confidence in the valves we repair. We do this by looking at the bigger picture and really looking at ways we can improve the system and not just the valve itself.


Getting to know Norm Ducharme

Norm, on the other hand, brings both his strategic and technical capabilities to NYNE describing his career simply as, “I built them so I know how to fix them.”

From the moment he started at Crosby Valve and Gage Company, Norm has always had a keen interest in seeing the bigger picture, getting to root causes of the problem, and providing strategic solutions. It is this perspective that has allowed him to be successful as he moved from Special Products Assembly into field service which gave him the opportunity to circle the globe servicing both the nuclear and commercial side of the business.

But more than just bringing his experience to NYNE Mechanical, Norm is also driven by his desire to create a positive work culture that focuses on mentorship, “That feeling of family and mutual respect among colleagues is one that we wish to promote here at NYNE. We want to build an internal culture where technicians are appreciated and create an environment that they enjoy working in to keep them here for the long-term.”

A former teacher for Crosby’s training school, Norm understands the value of sharing the knowledge, another nugget he learned from his father, “There is a wonderful opportunity to leave a positive impact and that can be done by teaching what we know and what we have learned through our years of experience.”